Maria Gacesa: A Poem

Maria Gacesa


All of this from two hands one heart


phrases discourse digress

never one direct line rarely 

the bombast of surety


music is insecure maybe

it revisits things


like Philip Glass counting

you take for granted a pattern for predictable so turn your head

and you’re somewhere new



The wheels orbit below in time like the aria

deliberate like the one-way signs the piles of snow and the John Deeres lined up in the lot

like the patio set left as though someone just stepped inside for another bottle of wine


then it snowed


Maria Gacesa in conversation: "Poetry, specifically, is attractive to me because I think it allows access to an expressive mode most similar to dance and music, both of which play into my practice in life and art..." 

Maria Gacesa is a writer and classical musician. Her poetry has appeared in The Lyric Magazine and her one-act play, “MOTH," was a prizewinner in the 2021 Norma Epstein Foundation for Creative Writing Awards. She works in arts advocacy and education at The Préville Fine Arts Centre, on Montreal’s South shore.