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Alexander Kokinidis/ Twice this poem, today's Poetry Daily feature, says "stay with me." Don't worry, poem! I'm so there in your language I'm not sure I could leave if I wanted to. Reparations Redefinition: Bond Marcus Wicker Noun: A uniting or binding element or force.               The thing about facing your fears head on is it only really works on TV. As an example, let’s say               a clawfoot bathtub teeming with arachnids is your garden variety anti-fantasy.               Now, say the sitcom dad in you gets the itch to do something experiential, something special               for your 40th (stay with me), so you willingly dive into a pool of 10,000 tarantulas, head-               first. In the Fear Factor version of this midlife episode, Ludacris is like               Man, white people are crazy. In reality, this sounds like a frightful fucking               headache, six ibuprofen &


Conyer Clayton photo by Grant Savage Conyer Clayton writes: This is one of my favourite poems to read aloud in my entire book, and I was looking forward to sharing it orally with folks during readings. I encourage you to read it out loud. I feel that is where it shines the most. This poem is a reflection on the thinness of the line between worlds, the ways we attempt to thicken that veil, dissolve it, reach through, and retreat. I had several readings cancelled, including Versefest on March 26th, two Guernica launches in Toronto and Ottawa, and likely more to be cancelled this summer. My Ottawa launch with Riverbed Reading Series has moved to Zoom, on May 20th. Check out their website, for details on how to register! The Screen Comes Off Easily You text me to say you crawled out the window to the balcony of your hotel room on the 26 th floor, the wind around the sides of buildings tearing your hair out, tearing you off like the be