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Dear Elise,

Elise Partridge, 1958-2015 I first met Elise Partridge in the early 2000s. She was hosting a meeting of Vancouver's Poetry Dogs and graciously included me, at Stephanie Bolster's suggestion, while I was visiting the city. What an evening! Everyone brought a poem (by someone else, canonical or not) to talk about, wonder over, appreciate, take apart and put back together. Elise and I stayed in touch; like so many others, I was the recipient of her warmth and generosity over and over, in many forms. We were mid-conversation for this blog when she became unable to continue; her response to my question about how she first came to poetry (below) romps through wonderfully playful territory as she considers successive "illuminations"--her term for the phases of her discovery of poetry: its gifts and hers in it. Her last letter about the project came in the middle of December, telling me she was making notes on the subject of voice and hoped to have an answer ready soon.