Image courtesy of NASA
Irfan Ali writes: “Gravity” is a poem from the climactic section of Accretion’s narrative. In it, our protagonist, heartbroken and alone, finally gives in to his violent and destructive nature. That trajectory ultimately leads him somewhere neither he nor anyone else could expect.


An insignificant thing
lacks the needed weight to attract.
Laws state
it will barely inspire a reaction.
An insignificant thing
will always try to accrete,
even if hate is the only available mass.

Let it build
until you collapse alone
beneath your own weight.
Then for a moment
you will become a fire on the horizon,
and impossible to ignore.

Accretion's publication date is April 1, 2020 (Brick Books). The launch was originally scheduled to take place on April 9 at Another Story Bookshop (315 Roncesvalles Ave) in Toronto. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has, of course, been postponed indefinitely. The book can be purchased directly from Brick Books.