Jan Bickerton, courtesy Red Edge Images

Madhur Anand tells an origin story

Larissa Andrusyshyn on building and tearing down

Linda Besner on the false beard that hides the winking chin   

Ronna Bloom dispensing in the waiting room

Stephanie Bolster on About-ness
Stephanie Bolster with Sadiqa de Meijer on poetry and witness

Suzanne Buffam on restless and unruly form

Karen Enns on the poem that lives in the space of the poem

Gabe Foreman on play

Sue Goyette leans in to our times

Katia Grubisic on the Whispering Poetry Elf vs Dukes of Hazzard

Phil Hall on radiant quirks, raw decorum, and next syllables

Jemma L. King addresses the undressed

Anita Lahey on oxygen like light

Tim Lilburn walks alongside the zeitgeist

Jeanette Lynes steps into the waves

Tanis MacDonald gets mobile

Nyla Matuk on the canny uncanny

Cassidy McFadzean taps the irresistible

Sadiqa de Meijer on goosebumps and awe
Sadiqa de Meijer with Stephanie Bolster on poetry and translation

Amanda Jernigan on bubbling up from deep wells

Molly Peacock braids contradiction into lattice

Pearl Pirie adds back

Steven Price on movement and interruption

Medrie Purdham on temporal and moving things

Sandra Ridley: interior with landscape

Joe Rosenblatt on poetry, painting and creatures that spill between them

Mary Jo Salter on upended time and the sonnet crown as ramble

Gjertrud Schnackenberg and Gregory Fried on the image in the image in "Afghan Girl"
Gjertrud Schnackenberg on striking the unstruck sound
Gjertrud Schnackenberg on the visible song

Eleonore Schönmaier on the camera as notebook

Sue Sinclair on lyric intensity and alignment

Gillian Sze on chance and appetite

Nick Thran's many moves

Phoebe Wang's cupped hands

Shannon Webb-Campbell on bringing it to the table